Saturday, March 28, 2009

SoOOoO... tonight I was just again reminded again..

When's It Gonna Be OUr Turn?

ahhh tonight i was going through my face book "friends" just scrolling through and was once again im the only person of all my friends and stuff that is not pregnant or getting pregnant(apparently!) And then at tonight at work this lady totally was yelling so loud at her kids being so mean to them and was like "i wish you kids would just shut up!" I wanted to be like you dont know how lucky you are Lady... its just not a fair reality... i know i should be greatful i dont have cancer...or i have not fallen off a bridge or something...but to be honest im kinda bitter, im sure in sometime im reminded because on the 30th it will be a year that i miscarried but i think im just wondering why not us! And its proably a good thing but you cant help but think! WHY!!!! ahhhh! but enough about that. i thought i would just ramble....i do complain too much...ahhhh i hate that about me!!!!! Postive thoughts colleen!
ONe day lance and i will know the bliss of being parents!

WE have actually decided that as a couple to do new things were going to take our little boy scout troup (yes we are the boyscout leaders...and lance actually loves it,a tad more than i do....) and were going to start a softball team. Lances dad played and he is like i gotta do that...And of course i will always love it! So im excited about that! So we will keep you updated on it! Im surprised how much i find to blog about! Hahah but i guess i do always ramble...... Goood night more to come!
Loves n HUgs!
COlleenie and Lancey!

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