Thursday, March 26, 2009

OUr life is out of control....but were going to be okay....

Why do they Love Us?
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so our life is out of control but ive thought....ya know were going to be okay cause we have the best support system and more than ever ive realized how much my life is great because i have Lance. Can i just tell you how much ive needed him these last couple of weeks and how much i just really have been able to lean on him and know that everything is just going to ok. And i just know it cause at the end of the day. car no car. money no money. kids no kids i have him i have him everyday to lean on. and i just love that!

"its always better, when were together..."

***Bonus we have these amazing families that answer their phones only about 12 times a day to give us advice and tell us how to get through it all. And i love that too!

featured this little gem coming home with us!

so in more up lifting news..... were excited that we went to the DI on tuesday to realise our tension and really get all the bad vibes out and we sat out side the doors in the yard area watching them bring new stuff out the doors and we got this!

Holy Hell how we found an aero bed at di for 5 bucks its amazing i tell you sit there long enough and wonderful things will happen! hahaha the best part is i even made lance blow it up in the yard area and test it out before we bought it! hahahah! everyone was looking at him it was kinda awsome! hahaha! THen we started talking to this mexican guy sittting there with us (his name was miguel and he is a chef at olive garden) and he told us he goes there 3-4 days a week and he said ya i have seen you guys here before! wow i dont know weather to take that as a compliment or not! hahaha! o well..... so it was pretty freaking sweet! i have to say!

in other good news.... colleen and lance will be coming home to california the following dates....

april 22-27,2009
june 25-29,2009
july 9-14,2009

so were so excited love all you guys! cant wait to see your shining faces! sorry this blog is so long...

as my mother in law told me tonight i get so excited to look at your guys blog and then you have not updated it since sunday so get on there! Hope this was @ least Comical!

Loves and Hugz,
Colleenie & Lancey!

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