Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fragrance Festival & Date Night w. LAnce!

so today was fragrance festival! horray and besides the music almost making me go deaf it was great...not really but everyone looked hot! hahaahah! it was nice to have a day of not wearing the dreaded estee lauder uniform...if anything! im so over that navy piece of fine designer attire!

Jess & I @fragrance festival!

Date NIght with Lance!
BUt most importantly i had date night with lance...and let me tell you ive missed that boy all week! it was so nice to just spend time together! and although we did not do anything amazing we did eat, and talk to his parents on the phone for awhile....and then we went And bought twilight on dvd! horray! Heres a couple magical recap the day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

HellO YOgUrT!!!! & a Cosmetics Novel!!!!!!

So tonight i actually had fun and wanted to come home and blog about!
So tonight Marissa, Clarissa, and Jessica were closing and we decided to go meet them when they were off so we could go get HELLO YOGURT! And so we did...then started our oh so fun adventure....we went off about all our hilarious cosmetics stories and wierdo customers in the store and went all over what we were going to write in our book someday...cause its pretty damn un believable what people will say and do for a sample...come on it really worth your dignity? we think not. we were all laughing and giggling so hard that the car was shaking! hahaha and let me tell you we got ice cream at 10:30 ish and i just got home and its almost 1 so it was truely enjoyable and just what i needed to give my week a true blue boost! i loved it! Thanks Gals!

LOVe hanging with my PalS!!!!!!

Lance saw the blog....

so today i came home from work 2 hours after i was off and um....i decided to show lancy poo the blog....he was like um.....we have a blog what for its not our blog its your blog...hahahah! then he saw it and hes like thats kinda cool. you did okay.....totally playing it off but then after a while he was like oh ya put that on the blog....hahaha sucker! no just kidding i love him! hahaha! well just wanted to say thanks for reading! and im going to try harder to be good on this thing.... the topic of tonight is....


so here is the story this really annoying lady calls lets say once a month and wants to talk to you she is looking at the lipstick shades online and she is wanting you to decribe in detail every single color...(it does not matter that you already decribed this one before! ) its ridicilous! so she calls and she uaually calls whichever counter is in gift....and she takes like an hour....YOU tell her she can come see them her self but she insists on telling you she does not have time! but she sure has time to take up an hour on the phone! im ready to kill her...and today i got that dreaded call!!!!!!! So she will decide on a color come in a purchase it and get the free gift! not only that about a month later she will bring the lipstick back and say it was not the right color! ahhhhhh! so im done....So im opening this up for discussion....any got any bright ideas of what i can do to stop this mad woman!HELP US POOR COSMetics girls out!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

SO i have Caved and started a Blog!

Hello friends and family! Yes we do have a blog now. and yes i will remember the password and update it frequently! hahaha! So.....for so long ive been like we don't need. a blog we don't have kids no one just wants to read about us! But hey some have asked and since the child dilemma is on temporary looks like its going to be us for a little while longer! SO lately ive been making lists of things in my life i need to do and constantly do! As a lot of you know...we bought a new car...well new to us just last Thursday and lets just say ive been feeling a tad overwhelmed and serious self doubt it was the right thing to do but hey ive prayed about it and i think its going to be alright! ahahha! Leave it to me to question myself 600000 times before i realise it was the right thing to do! So anyways back to the list..... here is just a brief look at my list for life of things i would hope lance and i could accomplish in the next 3 years or sooner!

1. Colleen Pass Test!

2. Pay Off Car!

3. Get Promoted...again


5. Pay off the dreaded cards....and save $$$$$!!!!

So i just thought i would share it with you so you could stay on top of us too! hahahah!

*also colleen is going to be doing a positive note at the end of each blog because she has realized that everything in her life will look better if she reminds of the good stuff so here it goes!

******Colleen is excited that lance took her out for breakfast this morning to show her that everything is going to be ok and told her even though we have had a stressful week we are in it together... and she started to cry!

Thanks for Reading sorry if this was boring its just us i dont know what else im supposed to blog about!

Quote of the Day....
"Today just worry about today....tomorrow worry about tomorrow!"