Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pickles are really Cucumbers?

Sooo...tonight i was on the phone with jessica and we talked about how a couple weeks ago i learned something i did not know before.... Did you know that Pickles were once a cucumber? I really 100 % did not know this....and Jessica and Clarissa explained the entire process to me and how they were once a cucumber .... When you think about the valid points in my story and how i would not put two and two together maybe it will make you think twice.... first of all pickles are only like 2 bucks for an entire jar...when a cucumber is like 75 cents on it own and there is like 20 pickles in a jar so how can they mark up the price for one "cucumber" when they are only charging 2 bucks for like 20 little ones. Realistically it does not make any sense. Second of all pickles and cucumbers really dont even have the same texture to them. Thats its kind of odd. And thirdly how did i go thought my 22 years and not know this...HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS BUT EVERYONE ELSE DID....was i like absent on "important things to know in life" school day.....HahHa! So im glad i know now and if you did not know glad i could save you from such humiliation.....

Secondly ill share with you tonight i made a Roast and i have not made on in so long lance was so excited its one of his favorite things that i make cause he calls it my "simple cooking" ....sometimes he says i try to hard and i really end up messing a lot of things up...(cat will remember when i made Parmesan crusted pork chops....ya they tasted like death..) so here is a quick remission of our delightfully delicious dinner!

Conference was also really great we both enjoyed it and especially liked what the prophet and elder Ukdorf ( i probably did not spell that right) talked about the economy and how
"the future is as bright as our faith..."

C & L