Monday, May 11, 2009

Clarissa & Matts Bridal Pictures....

SO... this past week my good friend Clarissa is getting married and we took her bridals and her engagements and i have to say i did pretty amazing if i say so my self! If you know Clarissa she is QUEEN OF THE SHORT HAIR! but knowing her she wanted a long hair style for her wedding pictures! AHHHHH! So i bought hair and cut it into small wefts and curled each piece and basically pinned them in making "temporary extensions" i was DETERMINED to make them look real if it was the last thing i did! I was not letting it look fake at all! I also helped with her makeup! SO she looks pretty HOT! WOOOO HOOO! SO here is a before and after picture!

Pretty Good! I dont mean to brag but hey.....i will....


IN other updates Lance has taken the turtle s to a new level in life.... they got a new house..... and since were to broke to buy a 50 buck tank he improvised and made one out of a rubber made container! He calls it his turtle habitat! He shows it to every person that comes over! its kinda cute and hey he can still carry it from room to room which makes him happy so that's good! Heres some pics!

i Love Lance and with him around im never bored!