Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fragrance Festival & Date Night w. LAnce!

so today was fragrance festival! horray and besides the music almost making me go deaf it was great...not really but everyone looked hot! hahaahah! it was nice to have a day of not wearing the dreaded estee lauder uniform...if anything! im so over that navy piece of fine designer attire!

Jess & I @fragrance festival!

Date NIght with Lance!
BUt most importantly i had date night with lance...and let me tell you ive missed that boy all week! it was so nice to just spend time together! and although we did not do anything amazing we did eat, and talk to his parents on the phone for awhile....and then we went And bought twilight on dvd! horray! Heres a couple magical recap the day!

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  1. i didnt even realize lance was in the last picture!!! and then i looked closer. hahaha.