Sunday, March 29, 2009

Its Like April in 2 Days...and we get over a Foot Of SnoW....what!

SO its like April in 2 days and we got a foot of snow tonight you would think its like January! THIS IS RIDICULOUS! i do not approve...especially since i just hung all the winter coats in the closets and got my light coats and Bright colored tops ready for spring....lances wordrobe is pretty contestant (black, white, green and red for work) so his job was relatively simple.And its supposted to snow all week! ahhaha!
And today we looked out of our house and it looked like this...

All i can say is i cant wait to got to California at the end of the month! IM done with the snow.....

S0 i have to tell you the funny event of the day...So tonight lance and i went to the grocery store we had an emergency! And as we were passing through i was like lance....ya know after all 8 years of me knowing you i dont know your favorite Easter Candy....yes i know its kinda wierd but to me easter candy is in a WHOLE SEPERATE catagory to me...I LOVE EASTER CANDY. I have to say its just the hardest time of the year for me all easter candy tastes amazing too me! HAHHAHA! My 2 favorites are the easter reeses pastel eggs and the cadbury ones in the purple bag....omgoodness its like an addiction to me! SO anyways i turned to Lance as was like "what is your favorite easter candy?" and he was like....ummmm "well i guess the mexican easter candy...."um lance really....i know i go through this every christmas trying to stuff his stocking...but really i guess....then he says "i dont think that mexicans sell easter candy colleen so i guess that i dont have one...." Great Lance! ahahahh! well i guess since ive been married almost 3 years now i can realise that you never stop learning about your spouse.....hahaha..... its never gets old being with lance im always on my toes!

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