Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bye Bye Aztek....Hello Sorento!

If You never get out of their face....They will eventually Listen to you.....

Soo lets just say this has been a crazy couple of weeks....to say the least..... we bought a lemon(and did not know it of course)! So All Lance and I have done for the last couple of weeks is fight and push and fight and push some more to try to get this Hannis problems fixed i was not walking out of their worse off by buying a car after all the reason you buy one is to make your life a lot easier! So finally yesterday we get a final diagnosis to the "Aztek" and it was going to be about 3000.00 in repairs! Oh my no way! Heck i just paid like 6000.00 for the thing! Not happening! So i come home and write a letter to the Better Business Beau and just explaining the whole situation to them how i looked at my rights and how they did not tell me these repairs needed to be fixed when we were purching the car and all this and that! And that they cancelled our warrenty! crazyness! So anyways we were so angry....So lance hikes his happy butt into Brent Brown this morning and shows the guy the paper of how much the repairs were going to be the guy just kinda looks at him and is like ok what should i do about it im not going to pay to have that car fixed. So he fianlly says okay this is what i can do. You can trade the car in for something the same price or similar. So lance runs home to me and says come on we gotta go down to brent brown and find a new car. So we go down to Brent brown let me tell you they were done with us at this point....and we start looking through their used selection...well i guess the bank only grants loans uasually if you get one with under 100,000 miles on the car your buying....so he shows us a couple and we test drive and go over safety and everything OMGoodess were we cautious this time when selecting....ahahahha! So we narrow it down to two in our price range and we had a Kia Sorento 2005 and a Chrystler PT CRUSIER 2002. So we go over everything and the biggest thing in my mind was we have have have to find one with a warrenty and so then we start reading over everything and the kia was super nice and good sized and 4 wheel drive and we see it has a warrenty DONE DEAL! So what a blessing! Can i just tell you that i have never been more grateful to my heavenly father for blessing us with the chance to at least get ourselves out of a bad situation and at least make it better... how nice a feeling is it! So we turned in our Aztek today and took home the Sorento. We sign all the final papers tomarrow! But what a relief! Thank heavens!

"I dont get many things right the first time, in fact i am told that alot..... But i am blessed with second chances...i am i am the luckiest..."
- Ben Folds Five

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