Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SO we have been away for awhile...

Lance is amazing! He makes our yard now look like this!
(you can see lance smiling out the window in the kitchen)

And our backyard looks like this!
(i love how he just goes around the really bad area Hahaha)

Yes we do have the tent set up in the backyard cause we went camping over memorial day weekend and it did not just rain it poured and our tent got all went and dirty so lance and i came home and we set it up in the backyard so we could clean it out and stuff and as we were cleaning it out wow surprise it started to rain again. so its still up until further notice....plus
Bonus it adds something extra to our massively huge back yard that only gets use when i go back there and tan. So maybe if it does not rain this week we will sleep in it!

Next week is Lances Birthday and that's exciting he is going to be 24 which to me is crazy cause seriously we were just 16 kissing in the park!

IN three weeks we are going to California for the many events going on! and that's exciting! Speaking of California this is my awesome new sticker on my car ! i love it cause no one else has it and i feel good about that! Cause with us seriously we cant be ordinary that might be easy!

Well TA TA sorry we dont have more exciting news!
C and L


  1. hey! didn't know you had a blog! this is brittany who used to work at the BL- hope you're doing well... you look fantastic!