Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lance is in love with his turtles....and i planted a garden and it grew!

So we went to California last week and when we went downtown Lance decided to buy two baby turtles on the street....from a random Hispanic lady....none the less.... and so he brings his turtle s all the way home to Utah and now the man is just obsessed..... he carries his turtles around the house with him....he goes in the front room the turtles go in the front room.... he even brings them and puts them on the dresser next to the bed when he sleeps. So the other night i woke up in the middle of the night and lance had put the turtles in a "special place" before he went to work. i walk in and i look on my tall lamp in my living room and he has taken and put the turtle cage on top of the lamp with the lamp on. he left a note...."please dont move the turtles they sleep better when they are warm..." omg i almost died laughing! i love how lance takes such good care of his turtles...

Bloom Where Your Planted....
So when we moved in i really wanted to see if i could learn to plant flowers in front of the house.... So before it started snowing i planted the bulbs that was like ummm....... November and i did not even know if i had done it right but this last week i got my proof! Tulips and Daffodils galore! it was exciting i must say!

Our Sunday Dinner Tradition......
As per our wonderful tradition we eat dinner every Sunday night together.... We make dinner together we make total comfort food! So tonight we had stuffed chicken breasts....! Horray they were delicious and super cheap! Just chicken breasts stuffed with chicken flavored stuffing with cream of chicken soup on top and cheese! Delicious! Recap!

Thats all till next time!
C and L


  1. Hope, i love your little house its so cute! Im so so so jealous, i live in the 3rd story in an apartment complex!! Your flowers look beautiful keep up the good work!

  2. the flowers look beautiful. But I think you need to mow your lawn :) And yes, that chicken looks better than you described.