Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

So My Easter has been quite enjoyable i must say so myself! Today i woke up around 10 and went in the living room to see lance had made me the cutest Easter basket! Can i just say wow how thoughtful is he? I just love it!

Then we continued on with our normal Sunday routine (church, and wingers...) ahahhahaha so colleen and lance....then i have a test coming up and so i 100% had to study all day...but as usual could not focus to save my life! So who do i call every time i need something....Jessica as usual she never fails me.... So we decide to go to Vivian park in provo canyon to study so we will not be distracted..... so we took keva (jessicas dog and lance and let them play together....)I have to say i love spending Easter with two of my bestest friends!

Now im home and studying some more! and Jessica is making chocolate Carmel tart for us to eat! and only a week till California! HAPPY EASTER!!!! xoxoxoox!

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